What’s the Best Personal Blender?
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Living in a dorm? Single? Small kitchen with limited counter space? Planning to make baby food? These are all fantastic reasons to consider a personal size blender. Made popular by the well-known Magic Bullet (we’ve all seen the infomercials, right?), the mini blender market has definitely found its niche. If you are on a quest to find the best single serve blender, you are in the right place and should read on. For your convenience, we have assembled a table to easily compare the options on the market, and hopefully help you find the best personal blender to fit your needs.

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Nutribullet Pro 900 Series900W$$$$4.4
Nutri Ninja Pro900W$$4.5
Nutri Bullet NBR 12-Piece 600W $$$ 4.0
Cuisinart CPB-300 Smart Power 350W $$ 4.0
MaxiMatic EPB-1800 Elite 300W $ 3.5
Magic Bullet 250W $ 3.7
Oster My Blend 250W $ 3.9
Oster Ironman Fitness Blender 250W $ 4.1
Tribest Personal Blender 200W $$ 4.3
Hamilton Beach Personal Blender 175W $ 4.0

Personal Blender Pricing Key

$ Less than $50

$$ $50 to $100

$$$ $100 to $150

$$$$ More than $150

What you should know…

The manufacturers behind some of the top blenders in the world began making smaller blenders after getting feedback from shoppers. Those shoppers loved making smoothies, milkshakes and other dishes, but they hated having to use a heavy-duty blender for a single serving. Thanks to their feedback, there are now dozens of different smaller blenders available on the market, but the best single serve blender has a few features that set it apart.

Size of the Motor

When Consumer Reports decided to find the best personal blender, it put a high level of importance on the size of the motor found in each model. A stronger motor will turn that mini blender into a device that everyone in the house will want to use. They can make quick work of ice and frozen fruits when making a smoothie, chop through even the hardest of vegetables and whip up a quick soup in minutes. Hamilton Beach and Back to Basics have smaller blenders with big motors.

Multiple Settings

A good larger blender will often have a number of settings that let home chefs make anything they desire. They can press one button to chop effortlessly through hard vegetables, press a second button to crush ice for drinks and use another button to puree ingredients for a main dish. A good mini blender should have multiple settings too. While some of the more inexpensive buttons have just one setting, shoppers can easily find blenders that that come with just as many settings as their larger blenders have.

Easy to Use Controls

The main reason why so many people leave their larger blenders tucked in a cabinet or closet is because those models are hard to use. They have to make sure that the cup attaches to the base and that they use the right button for their ingredients. The best personal blender is one that features easy to use controls right on the base. Some of the best models come with a simple switch or know that users can adjust to different settings, while other models feature multiple buttons to change the settings.

Portable Cups

A mini blender makes health nuts, caffeine junkies and those with a sweet tooth whip up smoothies, shakes, blended coffee drinks and hundreds of other drinks. What good is a small blender that doesn’t come with its own portable cup? Some of the cheaper models now on the market require that users pour their drinks into a separate cup to take with them, which adds an extra step that no one wants to take first thing in the morning. The newest models come with a portable cup that includes a travel lid or a handle on the side. That handle makes it easy to grab a cup and go, while travel lids turn the cup into one that is safe for taking to work, school or even on vacation.

Safety Features

Many kids love getting in the kitchen and cooking or helping mom and dad, but parents want to keep their kids safe. The best single serve blender is one that kids can use just as easily as parents, and the best blenders have some features that keep little hands safe. A locking mechanism on the top keeps kids from removing the cup until they release a switch or turn the cup over, and some devices actually let kids screw on a cup and unscrew the lid without spilling liquid all over the floor. Users of all ages will also appreciate blenders that stop the blades from spinning when the cup is off.

Strong and Durable Blades

Why pay for a personal blender that lacks a strong and durable blade? The blade is obviously one of the most important parts of the blender, and the best single serve blender will come with a stainless steel blade. That blade can chop through thousands of ice cubes, vegetables and anything else placed inside without leaving any lumps or chunks in the finished product.

Those looking for the best personal blender should be on the look out for blenders with high wattage, strong blades, portable cups and easy to use controls.