What’s the Best Food Processor for Baby Food? Best Baby Food Maker 2016

What’s the Best Food Processor for Baby Food? Best Baby Food Maker 2016
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If you want to make your baby’s food so you know exactly what each meal contains, you are probably searching everywhere for the best baby food maker on the market. The right baby food blender will make this healthy meal-making project much faster, easier and efficient than manual food mills or choppers. Using a quality combination baby food processor and steamer specifically designed for creating nutritious, natural meals for baby will be much more convenient than using two or three separate kitchen appliances. Baby food processor reviews can quickly become overwhelming so we have compiled and condensed all the data out there into this complete guide and product breakdown.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Baby Food Maker

PictureProductFunctionCapacityPrice Rating
PictureProductFunctionCapacityPrice Rating

Baby Brezza One Step Glass Baby Food Maker

Steams, Purees 4 cups $$$ 4.6

Beaba BabyCook Pro

Steams, Purees 4.7 cups $$$ 4.2

Beaba BabyCook Pro 2X

Steams, Purees 9.4 cups $$$ 4.2

Lil' Jumbl Baby Food Maker

Steams, Purees, Bottle Warmer$$$ 4.5

Beaba Baby Cook Classic

Steams, Purees 3.7 cups $$ 3.9

Cuisinart Baby Food Maker

Steams, Purees, Bottle Warmer4 cups $$ 4.1

Baby Brezza Elite

Steams, Purees 2.5 cups $$$ 3.8

Bella Baby Rocket Blender

Purees $$ 4.2

Hamilton Beach Bebe

Purees 5 cups $$ 3.3

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet

Purees 8 cups $$ 4.3

Smart Planet Baby Oasis

Steams, Purees$$ 4

Sage Spoonfuls Immersion Blender

Purees $4.1

For parents who want the most versatile machine for concocting top quality cuisine for baby, an all-in-one food processor designed with infant food preparation in mind is the ultimate choice to satisfy all your (and baby’s) preferences and needs. For moms and dads who approach this purchase from a thrifty, practical point of view while searching for a quality machine, a countertop or personal size blender may seem like a good choice at first glance. Since babies only need pureed meals for a relatively short period of time before beginning to sample more solid foods, a blender can always be used later on as a handy item in your collection of general kitchen devices. You and other members of the family may like to make smoothies, veggie purees or dips, so you can always use a blender among your culinary equipment. HOWEVER, a baby food blender can also be used for years to come in the following scenarios:

  • Multiple children. Many families have 2, 3, or even 4 or more children.
  • Pets. You can make your own healthy, preservative free pet food using hamburger or chicken and rice. This is especially helpful for ailing or elderly pets who may be picky eaters or have sensitive stomachs.
  • Steamer only. You can steam veggies quickly and easily for the family and skip the puree step. Unless you are making mashed potatoes or sweet potato pie.

Advanced design, all-in-one food processors for babies manufactured today enable you to cook and process fresh, all-natural or organic baby food, often within just 15 minutes or less.

Their simple, easy operation can be accomplished in single-handed fashion, which allows you to tend to your infant with the other hand while making tasty, colorful and nutrient-rich foods for your baby’s meals.

Many of these devices have the capacity to blend, steam, defrost or reheat foods thoroughly and evenly. They also offer the safety feature of automatic shut-off as well as audible alert.

In addition, these baby-safe processors are manufactured completely free of BPA, phthalate or lead, and most have stainless steel water reservoirs to maintain purity of water at all times. While choosing a blender can be a long-range, cost-efficient decision, most parents of infants today prefer an all-in-one food processor designed for the purpose of creating delicious foods for babies.


There are definite advantages to purchasing a baby food processor for use in preparing varied, healthy and delicious menus for your growing infant, including the following:

  • Preparing Fresh, Pure Baby Food – With use of a new food processor specially designed for creating delicious pureed baby foods, you can have the assurance that your infant is getting the best possible nutrition, free of preservatives and other additives. You will also know exactly what ingredients are included in each meal since you are buying the fresh natural or organic produce, meats or fish yourself. Even store-bought baby foods advertised as being grown in natural soil without use of harmful pesticides and prepared with no use of preservatives sometimes contain artificial colorants or have been treated with artificial growth stimulants. In some instances, food labels do not list every ingredient. Unless you are sure that the manufacturer allows absolutely nothing but natural or organic ingredients and chemical-free growing processes and treatments for fruits and vegetables, steer clear. The best possible choice is to process and cook your young child’s meals with use of a modern, safe and convenient baby food processor.
  • Cooking and Processing Foods Quickly – When fixing your baby’s meals with the aid of your choice of infant food processors now on the market, you can prepare a meal in the amazing time of just 15 minutes or less. Especially if you and your spouse both work, this is a great time-saver. Even if only one parent is currently employed outside the home, modern lives of today’s homemakers can be complex and hectic just managing a household, a baby and the schedules of the other family members. If you have several older children as well as your baby, then it goes without saying that your days and nights are more than busy. You will welcome the fast efficiency of an advanced food processor for baby food preparation as well as the many creative and delightful recipes you can use or invent for making tasty, nutrient-packed menus for baby.
  • Avoiding Messy Cleanups – Like most wide-eyed, curious, spunky and active infants, your baby will most likely enjoy playing with his or her food at some point during the meal. Since this may result in your after-meal cleanup including removing food morsels from the floor, nearby walls or perhaps even the ceiling if you live in a home with rooms of limited height. For this reason, a fast, easy wash-up of cooking vessels and utensils is a welcome relief. The majority of quality baby food processors have removable parts that are dishwasher-safe. Also, you will need only a few other kitchen utensils to make baby’s food since the processor does the major chopping and mixing.
  • Making Baby Food Once a Week – With a new updated food processor for infants, you can prepare enough baby food for a whole week of meals for your little one. This means seven days of attractive, nutritious and flavorful pureed dishes created and ready for storage in sturdy cups with resealable lids. Imagine just opening your fridge to choose from a variety of delicious, appealing food options to keep baby happy and healthy throughout an entire week of 21 meals. Now you know exactly what your young child is consuming and every detail of how meals were made.


There are also some disadvantages or inconveniences associated with use of some food processors for babies, including:

  • Lacking Dual Voltage Capacity. Some food processors for infants’ food preparation offer only 120-volt usage. If you live in a location using 240 electrical voltage for electronic equipment, the warranty for this product may become void. You may also lose warranty coverage if you use this processor with an electrical converter.
  • Prepping of Foods for Some Brands. Some brands and styles of current food processors for infants require chopping and dicing of vegetables, fruits, meats, chicken or fish before these ingredients are placed in the processor for pureeing. If this is the case with your machine, be sure to allow a little extra time to complete the prepping stage whenever you process baby’s weekly dietary delights.
  • Buying a True Quality Bargain. Baby food makers come in a wide variety of prices, ranging from around $60 to approximately $200 for the most reasonably priced. When selecting your processor, be sure to choose one that has all the major features and functions you need for swift, easy creation of your small child’s nutritious foods for the week. Some buyers prefer machines without the reheating feature. Others say they have no need for the defrosting mechanism, while others may choose to do without the popular bottle warming feature. As long as you purchase a quality brand with the capabilities you really want and need, you will have no regrets and plenty of gratitude. You will truly enjoy reaping the benefits of having a versatile food processor among baby’s meal preparation must-haves nearby on your kitchen shelf.

Features and Specifications to Consider Before Buying a Baby Food Processor

There are some important features and specifications you should consider before deciding on the best baby food processor brand and style to meet your needs. You want to make sure that your new food maker for feeding the recent addition to your family performs all the tasks and tricks on your wish list. Once you have consulted baby food processor reviews and finalized your list of necessary specs and features, you will be ready to purchase your new processor. Major features offered by today’s advanced food processing technology include the following:

  • Chopping, Dicing and Pureeing. While some models have sturdy blades that can handle the gamut from heavy-duty chopping to fine dicing action, all baby food processors have the capacity to blend and puree vegetables, fruits and other foods. Most have two to four speeds to ensure the desired smooth texture needed for infant food recipes. Basic design processors may call for manual or machine pre-chopped foods, which these mechanisms can then blend until smooth.
  • Four-in-One Capacity. Some full-feature models can blend, steam, reheat and defrost foods. Others have the additional feature of bottle warming and sanitizing. When using these handy, versatile appliances, you need very little else in the way of equipment or utensils to successfully create your infant’s delicious, all-natural meals for a week.
  • One-Hand Operation. Processing machines with this convenient feature enable you to hold or tend to baby with one arm and hand while safely cooking foods with the other hand. This also leaves one hand free to flip through recipes or access cooking instructions on your tablet or mobile phone while in the act of preparing meals.
  • Dishwasher-Safe Components. All major parts and accessories of the most advanced processor on the consumer market today can be safely cleaned in your dishwasher, enabling both easy food preparation and after-cooking cleanup. This feature also helps ensure that all parts of this appliance are kept sanitary and ready for your next cooking spree for baby.
  • Rapid Quality Food Preparation in Quantity. A major advantage of these infant food processors is that they provide the capacity to cook and process a full week of fresh, natural, preservative-free meals. What’s more amazing is their capability to do all this within just 15 minutes of time. Some of the most advanced-feature machines can actually complete this entire cooking process in five minutes, believe it or not.
  • Auto-Shut Off and Audible Alert. All reliable, safe baby food makers have automatic shut-off mechanisms in case the machine is accidentally turned over, dropped or if it should malfunction during use. Although these circumstances are rare in most kitchens, accidents can happen, so it is good to be prepared for baby’s safety and yours, too, while making meals.

Three Best Baby Food Processors on the Market Today

Three excellent processor choices with positive baby food processor reviews among the brands and models currently available for consumer purchase today are the following:

BEABA Babycook Pro Dishwasher Safe Baby Food Maker

– The advanced technology of this quality appliance, manufactured by Beaba, offers 15-minute meal preparation for your infant, one-hand operation and the ability to steam, blend and puree, reheat or defrost foods. It also has a bottle-warming and sanitizing function and comes with a built-in auto-switch-off mechanism in case of overheating, malfunction or damage. The helpful audible alert calls your attention to any problems before any malfunction or accident occurs. Although serious malfunctions of this processor are rare, the manufacturers want to safeguard the security and well-being of both you and your baby during the food preparation process. This model includes a stainless steel water reservoir. It is guaranteed to be completely free of BPA, phthalate or lead to safeguard your baby’s health and safety. Check Price Here.

Baby Brezza One Step Glass Baby Food Maker

– Finally….a glass option! The only baby food processor and steamer with a glass mixing/blending bowl is a great option for those who are avoiding heating food products in plastic containers, bPA free or otherwise. There is minimal plastic near the blade. The Baby Brezza One Step Glass Baby Food Maker has a 4-cup capacity. It has the ability to steam, puree, defrost and reheat all in the same container. It is an ideal size for making batches of baby food to last through the week. It comes with a recipe booklet and guide. The price is easily justifiable when you consider the cost of months of purchasing store-bought, preservative-filled baby food. Check Price Here.

Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer

– This top-functioning baby meal creator from Cuisinart offers quality chopping, pureeing, steaming and bottle warming features as well as a spacious, 4-cup working bowl. The safety blade locking function secures the chopping blade in place throughout food preparation, including the pouring stage afterwards. The helpful steam blade also maintains an even distribution of steam while cooking foods for best results and lasting freshness of flavors. The convenient bowl seal also enhances the steaming process. This model also offers a powerful, well-regulated motor to ensure fast cooking and precision chopping and blending of ingredients. This processor is shipped with a bottle adapter ring, recipe book, and integrated cup for measuring food quantities. Check Price Here.

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

– This speedy processor with multiple features and functions can make a week’s supply of nutrient-rich, natural baby meals in less than five minutes, according to its creators, the Baby Bullet company. This full-featured model includes a dependable power base plus a batch bowl, milling blade, baby blend blade and easy pop batch tray made of silicone. It also offers half a dozen date dial cups for food storage and a short cup, spatula, a tip-proof utility tray and a user manual with nutritional guide. This Baby Bullet processor offers the many conveniences and reliable power of the Original Magic Bullet. The advantage is that now you have a separate food processor just for baby to make sure that your young child eats the perfect foods during every stage of early development. Check Price Here.

The Bottom Line

There are many diverse makes and models of advanced design infant food processors currently on the consumer market. Each one is specifically manufactured to cook and process excellent quality foods for your baby. After examining and comparing the varied features and functions offered by a selection of quality machines and reading baby food processor reviews, you will be prepared to choose the best food processor for baby food. With your new appliance, you can make your infant natural, healthy, colorful and delicious meals to last for the week while nurturing, energizing and delighting your young child.