What’s the Best Blender and Food Processor Combo?

What’s the Best Blender and Food Processor Combo?
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Combining a food processor and blender is a wonderful solution for those with limited countertop or cabinet space. The trick to choosing the best blender food processor combo is finding a model that performs both functions well. Oftentimes, combination blender food processor reviews indicate that one particular function is sub-par. Most commonly, manufacturers skimp on the power of the unit which leads to disappointment in the results of blending, OR blending ice and frozen fruits may burn out the motor.

We set out to find the best blender and food processor combination. This article will explore the vast majority of your available options, comparing and contrasting in a side-by-side analysis. It will also cover the pros and cons of buying and using a blender food processor combo. In addition, it will explain what factors are most important to consider when deciding which food processor and blender combo is best.

PictureProductPowerCapacityPrice Rating
PictureProductPowerCapacityPrice Rating
Ninja Ultima Kitchen System1500W72 oz plastic pitcher, 8 cup bowl$$$4.6
Ninja Mega Kitchen System
1500W72 oz pitcher, 8 cup bowl$$$4.7
Oster Versa Professional Performance1100W64 oz plastic pitcher, 5 cup bowl$$4.1
Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Trio 745W 56 oz plastic pitcher, 3 cup bowl$$3.8
Hamilton Beach Blender and Chopper700W40 oz plastic pitcher, 3 cup bowl$3.8
Cuisinart SmartPower Deluxe 600W 48 oz glass pitcher, 3 cup bowl$$3.8
Cuisinart PowerBlend Duet500W 7 cup glass pitcher, 4 cup bowl$$4.1
Black & Decker 500W 10 cups$$3.9
Oster Rapid Blend 8-Speed 450W6 cup glass pitcher, 3 cup bowl$4.0
DeLonghi 400W 5 cup pitcher, 4 cup bowl$$3.7
Ninja Master Prep 400W6 cup pitcher, 4 cup bowl$4.5
Cuisinart SmartPower Duet 350W 40 oz glass pitcher, 3 cup bowl$$3.6

Pros and Cons of Food Processor and Blender Combos

Depending on exactly what the person’s needs are, a blender and food processor combo appliance may or may not be the right choice for them. They have numerous advantages, as well as disadvantages.

Here are a few of the advantages of a dual blender and food processor.

  • Save space. More compact than having separate appliances.
  • Convenience. More convenient than separate appliances in many cases.
  • Save money. It is often (but not always) cheaper than buying both appliances separately.

While there may be numerous advantages to a food processor and blender combo, there are also some disadvantages.

  • Beware of inferior quality. Often lower quality than their standalone counterparts. Do your due diligence prior to making a purchase. There are a lot of lemons out there, even under the auspices of a high-quality brand name.
  • Either/Or. Can’t use both functions at the same time.

How to Choose the Best Blender and Food Processor Combination

When trying to find the best blender and food processor for their specific needs, there are a number of factors someone will need to consider.


Pricing can be extremely important when deciding which option best suits your needs. If you are on a budget, then you may have to sacrifice quality or features to find something that you can afford. Blender and food processor combo reviews show there is a high correlation between performance and price. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is relevant. If you do not want to be disappointed in the performance we recommend the higher-end options are the better choice.


Features can be one of the most important parts of a blender and food processor combo. Things like safety features, speed settings, blades, and accessories can add a lot of functionality to the appliance. However, if it becomes too complex, then it may be too hard to use. You may also wish to look at more simplistic options if you do not need a lot of extra features.


Quality is the #1 factor when deciding on the best blender food processor. If you want something that is high-quality, it could cost you a lot more, or features may be sacrificed. If you decide on a lower quality option, it can cost you significantly less than a higher quality model, although a lower quality option may not last nearly as long or perform as well. If you are repeatedly disappointed in the performance of your blender food processor, you will be less likely to use it resulting in it collecting dust on your counter or stored away in your hardest-to-reach cabinets.

The 3 Best Food Processor Blender Combo Appliances

These are three of the best food processor blender combo appliances available. Whether someone is looking for a great budget option, something with a ton of useful features, or just a high-quality blender and processor combo, these three are the best in each of their respective categories.

Ninja Ultima Kitchen System

This is the most expensive option on our list, but it is also one of the absolute best in terms of quality and performance. The Ninja Ultima packs a whopping 3 horsepower and is able to handle nearly anything that can be thrown at it.

The Ultima is the most powerful dual blender/food processor on this list. With a 1500-watts of power and multiple sets of blades, it is built to handle the absolute toughest jobs with ease. In addition, the Ultima includes a number of accessories and extra blades and discs.

Despite these huge advantages over other options, there are still a couple of complaints. The blade gears are made of plastic, which may not stand up well under the amount of stress the motor places on them over time. In addition, the motor itself is quite loud, although that’s to be expected. Overall, it’s a very high-quality food processor and blender and is extremely powerful.

  • Extremely high quality.
  • Extremely powerful, 1500 watts and a 3 horsepower motor.
  • Blades in the top of the unit can be dangerous when washing.
  • Quite expensive compared to many of the other options.
  • 2 year limited warranty.

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Ninja Ultima Kitchen System BL820

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

The Ninja brand has really figured out how to make a top quality food processor and blender combination. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a mid-range blender/food processor. It features a 2 horsepower blade motor and is easy to clean. In addition, it utilizes a multi-blade system for more efficient processing.

  • Powerful 2 horsepower blade motor.
  • 3 speed system and pulse mode.
  • 1,500 watt power consumption.
  • 1 year limited warranty.

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Oster Versa

Oster has really put their best foot forward to come up with the best blender and food processor combination. At Oster Versa1100 watts, this Oster Versa has less power than the 2 Ninja models mentioned above, however the alternating reverse action of the blades makes up the difference, not to mention the price point is much more reasonable.

  • Automatic reverse blade movement. Because the blades move in 2 directions, it blends better than many units with even higher power. No tamper necessary. This is a patent-pending feature.
  • Comes with 2 – 20 oz blend-and-go travel cups. Bonus: the blades also fit a standard mason jar.
  • 7 year warranty.

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Other Blender and Food Processor Combo Reviews

These are some of the blender food processor appliances we considered and reviewed. They range from moderate-quality budget models to extremely powerful, high-end machines. They did not make our top three, but that does not mean one of them might be the best fit for you.

Hamilton Beach 58149 Blender and ChopperHamilton Beach 58149 Blender and Chopper

This unit wins the best budget friendly blender food processor combo. It is one of the least expensive blender/food processor combo appliances available that is still good at its job. It features a retractable cord and a mess-free spout. But the appliance does not include a safety locking system, which can be a substantial safety hazard.

  • Convenient retractable cord.
  • High quality food processor
  • Plastic chopping bowl and blender cup
  • No safety locking system


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Oster Rapid Blend 8-Speed Blender & Processor

This is a cheaper and more compact blender and food processor. While it can handle smaller loads quite well, its weak motor won’t be able to handle larger loads. Overall, it’s a good budget option for someone who wants a small and compact blender and food processor combo.

  • Inexpensive
  • Small and compact
  • Has a relatively weak motor

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DeLonghi 9-Cup Capacity Food Processor and Blender

Another less expensive option, the DeLonghi is a fully functional food processor with an included blender  DeLonghi 9-Cup Capacity Food Processor and Blenderattachment. In addition, it includes a number of smart features to automatically choose the right speeds for food processing. The quality is questionable though, and for the same price there are better options.

  • Smart features for better food processing
  • Exceptional safety system
  • Very weak motor
  • Blender is not the best quality

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Black & Decker Food Processor and BlenderBlack & Decker Food Processor and Blender

This option is a more affordable option for the people who want a powerful food processor and blender combo. It offers a 500-watt motor and is simple to use and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Powerful enough for most tasks
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Suction-cup feet can sometimes be nuisiance
  • Only the blender attachment is glass

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There you have it folks!

Hopefully we have helped sort out the confusion in choosing the best blender and food processor for your needs and budget. We definitely found a lot of duds in the food processor and blender market, and we encourage you to steer clear of low power appliances of questionable quality. A good quality blender processor combo will last many years and be a tool of convenience and efficiency in your kitchen and well worth the investment.