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Waring Commercial Food Processor
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A food processor can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Choosing wisely can save many headaches and frustration. In a commercial kitchen your choice is even more important. Read this Waring commercial food processor review to learn more and determine if this model is the right fit for your needs.Waring Commercial WFP14S

Food processors can be very helpful in the chopping and slicing of various vegetables, along with the grinding of nuts, seeds, meat, and even dried fruit. Furthermore, it can be used for the shredding or grating of cheese and vegetables, the mixing and kneading of dough, or simply for pureeing numerous foods.

One of Waring’s popular appliances is the WFP14S, a commercial grade food processor that boasts amazing quality and ample user friendliness. This Waring commercial food processor review will go in-depth to cover the various features of this appliance, as well as both the advantages and disadvantages of using it.


Waring’s products have a reputation for high-quality and have many benefits to offer.

  • It features an efficient 1-horsepower motorWaring Commercial WFP14S Batch Bowl Food Processor
  • Holds up to three and a half quarts
  • Over twenty distinct processing applications
  • Manufactured using quality materials


There have not been many customer complaints about the product or its features, but nonetheless, it has a few distinct flaws.

  • It is very heavy compared to the majority of other food processors
  • The bowl scratches easily, and in specific circumstances, it can be difficult to clean
  • Relatively expensive for a food processor


The Waring WFP14S was designed and manufactured with specific features in mind, some of them fairly unique, and others somewhat redundant. These features were introduced for the sole purpose of providing the product with greater efficiency and improving the overall customer experience.

  • High-Performance Motor
    The batch bowl processor comes equipped with a unique high-performance 1-horsepower motor capable of slicing, grating, and chopping through any produce you can find, all at incredible speeds.
  • LiquiLock Seal System
    This food processor includes the Waring LiquiLock seal system, an innovative feature that holds the liquids in the bowl during processing and at the same time keeping the S-blade secured in the bowl while more liquid is poured into it.
  • Extra-Large Feed Chute
    The extra large feed chute or funnel included with this food processor allows you to pour in both liquids and solids as the blade spins, mixing them with anything that is already in the bowl.
  • Twenty Processing Applications
    This food processor flaunts having over twenty food processing applications, allowing you to slice, dice, chop, puree, grate, and whip any food product that you can find.
  • Unbreakable Batch Bowl
    This food processor features a virtually indestructible clear-view plastic batch bowl that allows you to see liquids and food as they are being processed. The only consumer complaint about this feature is that the bowl scratches easily and at times it can be hard to clean.
  • 3.5-Quart Bowl Capacity
    The batch bowl included with this food processor is fully capable of holding up to three and a half quarts, giving users the ability to process large amounts of food and liquid within a short time period.


The solid black and silver base has four wide support pegs that keep the appliance from tipping over or becoming easily unbalanced. The large feed tube protruding from the top of the processor does not take from the aesthetic value in the slightest, with its sleek color choice of black and dark gray. The three and a half quart batch bowl provides a clear view of the processing operation as it is happening.

PerformanceWaring Commercial WFP14S Batch Bowl Food Processor

The efficient 1-horsepower motor helps all 5 of the included blades to mix and cut through nearly any produce or liquid available with unparalleled speed. The feed tube protruding from the top performs admirably in allowing you to pour large amounts of liquid or food directly into the bowl during the processing operation. In short, the food processor performs fairly well.


The food processor comes with a limited five-year motor warranty, along with a limited two-year warranty on all of the parts included on purchase.

During this Waring Commercial food processor review, the WFP14S has proven to be a great food processor choice for those that do not mind the weight of 17 pounds, for those that need to process large amounts quickly, and for individuals who are not limited by a tight budget.