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Pros: The Oster Versa offers is a solid mid-priced option, under $250. Our Oster Versa review found the 1400-watt motor is powerful enough to handle the toughest food-processing tasks. A low-profile jar stores easily on most regular size shelves. Metal drive gears provide for years of dependable service. The lid has an opening large enough to add foods, without removing the lid and it is backed by a full seven-year warranty.
Cons: Unlike some higher-priced units, the Versa blender cannot mix bread or pizza dough. Like most things, the blender is made in China, a con for “Made in America” buffs. The tamper will make contact with the blades if it is pushed all the way down. The pitcher should be washed by hand, as it is not certified as being “dishwasher safe.” The pouring spout is two inches wide, which can cause some problems when pouring into containers with small openings.
Oster Versa Performance Blender
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Oster Versa Review

The Oster Versa is a professional-grade blender at a mid-range price point that is less than half the cost of many similar units sporting its features and functions. With its competitors typically costing upwards of $400, the Versa maybe one of the better pro-blender bargains out there.

This Oster Versa review will cover the machine’s:

  • Feature
  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Warranty


The folks at Oster really strapped on their thinking caps when they designed the Versa. It has a very sturdy base, to keep it from tipping, and the easy-to-use controls are a snap to figure out. The low-profile 64-ounce jar makes the blender easier to store than most typical blenders in its class. However, the Versa has the option of a taller and slimmer jar, if preferred.

The rotary-control knob allows the operator to precisely control the blade speed manually and the machine has a Oster Versa Reviewpulsing option for chopping veggies. A fairly potent 1,400-watt motor spins the blades at more than 20,000 rpm and will allows for crushing ice, up to six larger cubes, without adding water.

The Versa is easy to clean by just filling the jar half full with warm water and adding a few drops dish soap, pulsing it for 15 seconds and thoroughly rinsing. After processing oily foods, like homemade peanut butter, the machine should be wiped out with a soapy sponge. Here is a summary of the Versa’s top features:

  • Powerful 1,400-watt motor.
  • BPA free 64-ounce pitcher.
  • Rotary control speed-control knob with medium to high and “pulse” setting.
  • Three factory-programmed settings: smoothie; soup; dips and spreads.
  • Metal-gear drive system.
  • Full-length tamping bar.
  • Two recipe books.
  • 7-year warranty.


Standing at 18 1/2 inches tall, the Oster Versa has a clean and stylish appearance. The fairly easy-to-read controls buttons are smartly laid out and easy to reach. The glass jar has graduated markings and a bright red handle that is easy to grasp.

PerformanceOster Versa Blender

Aside from its inability to mix dough, the Oster Versa can handle pretty much any fruit, vegetable or nut that is thrown at it. The combination of the four-blade system and the beefy motor make the unit ideal for making shakes, smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, nut butters and nut milk and even ice cream.


Other than its more-than-adequate performance capabilities, one of the best features of the Oster Versa is its warranty. Oster stands behind this blender, guaranteeing the Versa for a full seven years, a warranty period typically only seen on blenders costing twice as much.


To sum up the Oster Versa review, this is a good all-around blender for medium-sized families of three to four people, with its large jar being able to process up to two quarts of food and a time. While the Versa will not produce as smooth as a consistency when processing some harder foods, as compared to higher-priced units, the difference is minimal.
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Consumers who chose this over a more expensive blender were quite happy with the Versa. Finally, for the price, a 7-year warranty is practically unheard of, showing the Oster truly believes in their products. For consumers who have been looking for a reasonably priced, powerful blender that is capable of handling most food-processing jobs the Oster Versa is worth a serious a look.

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