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Pros: Ninja blender reviews indicate this machine is a fantastic value. For those who cannot yet afford a Vitamix, Blentec or Waring, the Ninja is the best blender for smoothies. The multiple blades help make up for the lower level of power. The Ninja Blender is easy to use, and more importantly, safe. Due to the higher-up blades, the blender won’t start unless the lid is secure – a great feature if you are accident prone.
Cons: While the Ninja will successfully break up ice, veggies, frozen fruits, etc., the final result may still be grainy, not buttery smooth. And the warranty is 1 year – far less than the VitaMix/Blendtec warranties. If you are a heavy user of the machine, and the motor burns out after a year, you are unfortunately out of luck.
Ninja Professional Blender
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Is the Ninja right for me? Ninja Blender Reviews

Anyone looking for an affordable yet powerful blender should look into the Ninja Blender. The 72-oz. model is perfect for making everything from smoothies and milkshakes to ice cream. Featuring a 1000 watt motor, unique blade design, and responsive control panel, users will find this to be the best blender for smoothies, shakes, food preparation, and more. Anyone looking for a durable and easy to use appliance shook look into the Ninja Blender.

Powerful Motor Evenly Mixes Food

Ninja Professional BlenderNinja Blender reviews routinely highlight the model’s strong 1000-watt motor. The strength of any blender is the ease with which it crushes ice or vegetables. Users can expect even food processing thanks to the unique blade design of this appliance. The power of the motor and blades means that the Ninja ranks among one of the top rated blenders on the market. In just a few moments, the model can crush up ice, puree vegetables or make ice cream. Mixtures routinely come out smooth. Even the toughest foods are easy to blend up thanks to the blender’s motor. The staggered blades of the Ninja Blender mean that food is evenly mixed. Often, in other models, only the bottom sections are fully blended. Pouring shakes, soups, sauces, and smoothies is easy thanks to the pout spout.

Safe to Use and Clean 

The Ninja Blender’s blade fits onto the built-in mount of the blender’s base, which limits leakage, and is secure. Similarly, everything locks easily into place. Users do not have to worry about flimsy parts. The heavy-duty plastic pitcher of the Ninja is scratch-resistant, which makes it perfect for daily use. Since the blender is built with environmentally friendly plastics, consumers do not have to worry about harmful chemicals tainting their creations. After all, hand washing such an appliance is time-consuming and can be dangerous thank to the blades. The Ninja Blender’s parts can easily be cleaned since it is dishwasher safe. This saves people a lot of time and energy.

Perfect for Many Types of Uses

People can use the Ninja model for a variety of things. The pitcher is a generous 72-oz, which means users can whip up large Ninja Professional Blenderbatches of items for weekly use or special events like barbeques and birthdays parties. Three speeds make the blender perfect for precise needs: smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream and more can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. Cord storage means that users will not have to worry about cord tangling and erosion from daily use.

Healthy Living Made Easy

Moms will love that they can sneak in fruits and vegetables into milkshakes and smoothies. The Ninja is the best blender for anyone looking to spend a week detoxing from harmful foods or cooks who want to evenly puree food. This blender can make everything from ice cream to soups and sauces and makes it easier to prepare food.

Affordable Yet High Quality Model

The Ninja Blender is the best blender for smoothies because it is affordable. It can cost hundreds of dollars less than some of the leading models on the market. Users are not sacrificing quality for price. After all, the Ninja brand is world famous for its powerful motor, unique design, and reliability.

Secure Design Protects Against Leakage

Leaking often happens because a blender’s parts are not secure or are disjointed. The Ninja Blender is comprised of the base and the blades. The secure design of the blender makes it safe and easy to use, so people do not have to worry about spillage or food Ninja Professional Blendercoming out during mixing.

The bottom line is that this blender is powerful enough to replace many of your appliances. This is the best blender for whipping up a refreshing smoothie, milkshake or even ice cream. Ninja blender reviews say that this model is perfect for making quick snacks or breakfasts or creating large batches of treats for get-togethers. The Ninja Blender is cheaper than some of the top rated blenders but performs just as well, if not better. Users can crush ice, fruits, and vegetables into delicious creations. Betty homemaker and professionals alike will enjoy the power of the Ninja Blender!

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