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Pros: The Hobart Food Processor includes several different blades in order to provide the correct consistency for produce. Each blade produces a different consistency for either chopping or shredding. Blades are easy to remove and clean well. It boasts a lightweight design, perfect for transferring between stations. It provides safety with skid-proof, rubber feet as well as a feature to stop the motor from running when the machine is open. Many positive Hobart Food Processor review posts give the product an excellent reputation.
Cons: Even though the processor is designed to be mobile, it still weighs in at 42 pounds, making it difficult to transport quickly. The processor is expensive, although the price range is normal for commercial grade processors. There is a one-year warranty, but it is only honored for commercial use.
Hobart Food Processor
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The Hobart Food Processor: A Heavy-Weight Machine in a Compact Form

When working in a restaurant, it is essential that the kitchen has the necessary tools to be able to prepare and cook food quickly, accurately and safely. The Hobart Food Processor is a product that can cut preparation time in half by safely and efficiently cutting and shredding produce and other ingredients. It is designed to keep up with a fast paced restaurant environment while providing appropriate ingredients for dishes. Check out this Hobart food processor review to learn more.

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The Hobart Food Processor has a 430 RPM plate speed and allows for the rapid chopping or shredding of produce and other ingredients. It runs on 120 volts and contains user-friendly buttons for operating the machine as well as an angled front end to ease loading. There is an interlocking switch, which prevents the machine from running if the pusher plate is not ready or loaded properly. It features a planetary drive, which kicks into gear with heavier loads to prevent stalling. It is NSF Certified as well as UL listed. Additional parts and features may be purchased separately.


Built for optimized mobility and storage, the processor does not occupy much counter space. Built with an Hobart Food Processorapproximate 13.5” W x 18” D x 29.5” H, this heavy-duty machine appears small, while operating on an industrial level.

It is built with a sleek stainless steel design to survive wear and tear. Includes a 45-degree, angled feeder to help with loading. Feeder is large to accommodate various ingredients of different sizes. Includes aluminum casing.


The processor manages up to 26 pounds of produce per minute with its motor operating at 430 RPM. It is designed to be able to handle heavy, industrial loads, while maintaining a compact and easy to transport design.

The machine operates quickly and efficiently while aiming to cut food preparation time in half. The blades switch out easily for different textures of chopping and shredding, and the products are processed without bruising or mashing.

User-friendly and safe, the Hobart processor aims to keep cooks performing at efficient speeds while maintaining a safe environment. The processor is able to detect when the pusher plate is not ready for loading and disables the machine so as to not harm anyone. The rubber feet design keeps the machine in place while loading even the heaviest produce at high speeds.


For commercial and non-residential use, the Hobart Food Processor includes a one-year warranty. Smooth, safe, user friendly operations are guaranteed when using this processor. The processor promises to cut food preparation time in half and to exponentially speed up the cooking process. Designed to keep a restaurant running on time, the processor promises to work quickly and efficiently.


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