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Pros: More compact than the Vitamix with just as much power; the Blendtec is beautifully designed with a digital display. Top it off with an 8-year warranty on an American-made product.
Cons: Loud. Very Loud.
Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Blender
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The Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Blender is generally considered one of the top two blenders out there for home use. Obviously, the other top rated blender is the Vita Mix. Stay tuned for a side-by-side comparison of the two. Until then, enjoy this Blendtec review.

The Blendtec has a few distinct features the set it apart from anything else on the market. It is high-tech, beautifully designed, relatively compact and has the power to make blending magic happen. They also get points for cool YouTube demo videos like this one:


Blendtec has a lot of horsepower in a small package – 3 HP to be exact. Combined with 1560 watts, it has the power to handle all your needs, including ice, frozen fruits and vegetables, nut butters, and even make your own flour. With all that power comes noise, and yes, it is very, very loud. Some users have recommended a rubber pad under the blender to absorb some of the noise. And hold down the unit when first turning it on.


The Blendtec Total Blender looks amazing sitting on the kitchen counter. It has an attractive digital display. Its lower profile at 15 ½ inches tall, allows it to fit under most standard upper cabinets. It is much less hassle when the appliance is already on the countertop, and you do not have to storage it after each use. The digital touchpad buttons are sealed so food particles and liquid do not get stuck in the hard-to-clean cracks.

Ease of use

With just one push of a button, you can select between six preprogrammed settings for Whole Juice, Smoothie, Soups/Syrups/Fondues, Ice Cream Milkshake, or Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt. It is easy to clean by blending warm water and dish soap, then rinsing thoroughly.

Put the lid on tight and don't overfill, unless you want a disaster like this.

Put the lid on tight and don’t overfill, unless you want this mess.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

With the longest warranty in the industry, Blendtec is clearly trying to send buyers a message. 8 years!! On the base and the jar. They have had issues with leaky jars, but if something goes wrong, the company has got you covered.

Final Notes

A blender for the techie crowd, Blendtec is the answer to any of Vitamix’s unhappy customers. To top it off, it is manufactured in the USA as well.