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Pros: Quality, hard working and multitasking. What more could you ask for in an immersion blender? Bamix blenders have been manufactured in Switzerland for over sixty years. Their professional-series models are serious contenders for the best hand blender title. This Bamix Hand Blender has 200 Watts of power, a 3-year warranty, and is whisper quiet. You won't want to miss this Bamix immersion blender review.
Cons: The price. At around $160, the Bamix Professional Gastro 200 is not a budget hand blender, but you get what you pay for in terms of durability and quality.
Bamix Professional Gastro 200
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The Bamix handheld blender is a two-speed workhorse. The unit comes with three blades. The pronged multipurpose blade does everything you expect out of a hand blender. It chops, stirs and blends everything from vegetables to ice cubes. The smooth beater blade aerates, froths and foams. The whisk tackles creamy foods like purees, salad dressings and eggs.

It is rare to find a product that does everything it promises, but the Bamix delivers. Unlike other immersion blenders, it can be sunk in liquid almost all the way to the top. You can whip up meals for large families in minutes, and cleaning is almost instantaneous. Run the blender in a glass of soapy water and you’re done.

What We Love About It…

  • Three blades can tackle practically any task
  • Cleans up in seconds
  • Sturdy enough to chop dense vegetables without a struggle
  • Can be immersed beyond the neck for deep pots
  • Quiet motor
  • Professional grade motor provides high power and longevity
  • Lighter than other heavy-duty hand blenders
  • Pro series has an extra-long wand
  • Thick materials withstand wear-and-tear
  • Waterproof up to the top
  • Long cord for easy workstation jumps


Power and sturdiness are what make the Bamix a champion in the best hand blender category. Its motor seems impossible to burn out but runs more quietly than a microwave. Despite its rock-solid high carbon steel components, it is lightweight and easy to handle. The no-slip grip helps you hold on to even when it is soaking wet.

What It Can Do

If you need it done, the Bamix can do it. Consider it the pint-sized version of a food processor, heavy-duty blender and food mill all Bamix Professional Gastro 200in one. It’s powerful enough for big pots of food but simple enough for one-person cooking. The only thing it can’t do is process extra large batches of peanut butter, spices and smoothies. When not in use, you can tuck it out of the way in its wall mount.

Reviews consistently indicate the Bamix handheld blender can…

  • Give creamy consistency to smoothies and shakes in seconds
  • Easily shave ice to fine snow
  • Make tricky emulsions, like mayo, in a flash
  • Suck thick liquids into the blades for no-sweat blending
  • Froth up milk for coffee and hot chocolate

The ultimate conclusion of this Bamix immersion blender review? The Bamix Gastro Professional 200 is everything you would expect in a Swiss manufactured product. It’s a professional grade machine that will last more than a few years. Despite its price tag, you can’t go wrong.