Cleanblend vs Vitamix: An In Depth Comparison

Cleanblend vs Vitamix: An In Depth Comparison
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Cleanblend vs Vitamix

Cleanblend vs Vitamix

Vitamix 5200 Series blender has consistently been one of the best and most recommended blenders on the market due to extreme and dynamic abilities. This blender is powerful, long lasting, easy to use, but it is also expensive. This high price has caused most cost-conscious people to search for a different option. Many of these people have turned to the newer Cleanblend because of its similar abilities. This leads to a common question asked in the world of blenders: which is better, the Vitamix 5200 Series Blender or the Cleanblend Commercial Blender?

This article will take another look at the two seemingly identical products to determine whether it is better to buy the more expensive Vitamix, or if a person should save their pennies and buy the Cleanblend. When it comes to the Cleanblend VS Vitamix, which is superior?

Both blenders seem to be incredibly powerful kitchen appliances, each claiming to be able to create a wide variety of products. They advertise that they are each capable of making hot soups, cold ice creams, smoothies, nut butters, flours, dips, and dressings — basically anything a blender owner could hope for.

The Vitamix has a 1380-watt motor with only 2 horsepower, whereas the Cleanblend has an 1800-watt motor with 3 horsepower. Neither blender is lacking in power; each are very capable of pulverizing ice, nuts, and frozen fruit. As far as performance goes, there is little difference between the Cleanblend vs Vitamix.


  • Vitamix Features Worth Noting
    • Rotatable dial can be moved at any point during the blending process, allowing for complete control.
    • Friction caused by the spinning blades can heat up products in just a few minutes.
    • 30-day money back guarantee.
    • Has a cooling fan and thermal protection system in order to prevent overheating.
  • Cleanblend Features Worth Noting
    • Machine will automatically turn itself off if it is close to overheating.
    • 30-day money back guarantee.
    • Can also create hot soups in just minutes.

Physical Similarities and Differences
When looking at these two blenders, one may easily mistake one for the other as they are extremely similar. They each have matte black bases with a plastic 64 oz. jar on top. Both products have stainless steel blades. Each are made out of BPA-free plastic. They are also each very large, neither fitting well under most cabinets. Cleanblend Cleanblend

Neither machine is dishwasher safe, although both are very easy to clean. Both companies recommend that the user clean the machine by filling it with water and a little soap, then blending on a low setting, and finishing with a thorough rinsing.

The controls appear to be very similar, but the Vitamix’s are slightly higher up on the base which may allow for easier use. The Vitamix’s jar is also slightly different: the handle has a rubber coating that allows for a better grip when pouring the smoothie, whereas the Cleanblend’s handle is simply all plastic.

While both machines do come with a tamper which can be used mid-blend, the Vitamix also comes with a recipe book and a getting started DVD. While not necessary, it is a very nice touch to help a newbie get started.

The price of the Cleanblend VS the Vitamix is where the appliances differ the most, and the Cleanblend wins hands-down. The Vitamix 5200 Series Blender sells in the mid $400s currently. The Cleanblend Commercial Blender sells for approximately $200, less than half of the price.

One wonders where this price difference comes into play — is it in the quality of the product or simply the notoriety of the Vitamix name?

While each blender does come with a warranty, they are slightly different. The Vitamix comes with a very impressiveWarranty 7-year full warranty. This warranty guarantees that they will cover all parts, labor, performance, and 2-way shipping if there is any issue with their product.

The Cleanblend has just started offering a warranty that is almost as impressive, as it is now a guaranteed 5-year warranty. Each company also offers an extension of these warranties to 10 years for an additional cost.

It has also been said for each of the two companies that they stand behind the products and they both have wonderful customer support. Both companies offer to replace the parts or the whole machines depending on the situation, very quickly and efficiently.

Customer Reviews
Each of the two products have over 300 customer reviews on Amazon at this point in time. The Vitamix has 81% of all reviews giving 5 stars, with a mere 8% of the reviews being 2 stars and under. This is a really supreme rating, and nearly all of the customers were satisfied with their expensive purchase. Cleanblend has 69% of its reviews totaling 5 stars, and only 11% consisting of 2 or fewer. This is also a very good rating, but not nearly as good as the Vitamix.

When it came to the Vitamix, the complaints were few are far between. Customers loved ease of use, extreme amount of power, and smoothest product most of them had ever seen. Many of the customers believed that the quality of the products being produced was well worth the extreme price point.

Customers also pointed out how these blenders seemed to last ages VitamixVitamixbeyond other blenders, and when they did not customer service was excellent. The only con most people had found was that the product was too large to fit underneath most kitchen cabinets. The plastic jar was also a cause for complaint, as a glass jar seems much more fitting of the price point.

The Cleanblend also had many positive reviews. People loved the price point, and the products that were being created by the machine. They seemed impressed by the machines versatility.

As this is a much newer product, and company, there were a few more problems with it. People complained of an ill fitting lid, spillage when pouring, and an occasionally loose jar. The biggest problem seemed to be with the blades that would not stay attached to the machine in a few cases.

With all of these problems the Cleanblend team answered the client very quickly and replaced the part or the machine. This is a company that really cares about its product and its customer’s satisfaction.

Overall in the Cleanblend VS Vitamix debate the clear winner comes down to personal usage and preference.

If you plan to use your blender daily, for many different types of things, and hope that it lasts for years, then the Vitamix 5200 Series Blender is for you. This is a powerful, easy to use, and long lasting blender that is perfect for a blender aficionado. Its 7-year warranty also guarantees 7 full years of usage, making the price tag seem slightly less hefty. It is very expensive though, and thus is not for everyone.

That’s where the Cleanblend Commercial blender comes in. This blender can do basically all of the same things that the Vitamix can for a much lower price. While it might have a few more problems down the road, and is made with seemingly cheaper materials, the 5-year warranty is there to back it up. The company is wonderful and seems very willing to work with all of its customers until they are entirely satisfied.

All in all, each blender comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so there is no risk in going out and trying one of these blenders to decide which is your favorite in the Cleanblend vs Vitamix comparison.

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