Where to Buy Cuisinart Food Processor Parts

Where to Buy Cuisinart Food Processor Parts
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Cuisinart food processors are indispensable in today’s kitchen. Unfortunately, even the best of the best simply wear out or break with lots of use. An old, dull blade can be more frustrating than no blade at all! Cuisinart food processor replacement parts and Cuisinart food processor attachments are easily purchased online. Don’t put up with less than perfect performance due to old, broken or worn parts.

Blades and Discs

There are a variety of Cuisinart food processor blades and discs. Knowing the difference will help when ordering a replacement, and getting it right the first time.Cuisinart FP-631AGTX

  • Chopping Blade. This is the metal blade that skims the bottom of the work bowl and is used for most chopping and mixing tasks. Replace this blade when it’s no longer mincing herbs easily. If that bunch of parsley just spins around the bowl, it’s time to order a new blade.
  • Dough Blade. This is a plastic blade for kneading dough that comes with certain models. This is an intentionally dull blade. Chips and breaks are easy to see. Inspect the blade for small nicks and chips after washing.
  • Shredding Disc. Some units have more than one shredding/grating disc while others flip over. If you try shredding cabbage for slaw and it doesn’t come out in nice clean strips, or if cheese crumbles and gets stuck under the rim, it is time for new.
  • Slicing Disc. Some units have a variable slicing disc while others are fixed. Try a cucumber. If the slices come out clean and even, no need to order a replacement. If you get mush, consider a new disc.

Whatever model you own, Cuisinart food processor blades need to be replaced from time to time to get the results you want.

Work Bowls, Covers and Feed TubesCuisinart BDH-2 Blade and Disc Holder

Replacing the work bowl or cover and feed tube might be necessary when a piece cracks or breaks. This is especially important when the locking/safety features of the unit might be compromised. Some units have gaskets in the covers that occasionally rip and require replacing.

Ever put in a bunch of flour only to have some escape in wispy clouds through the rim? Or, even worse, ever try emulsifying a salad dressing and having oil leak out over the edge? Yuck! It’s time for a new work bowl and cover combo. They should fit snugly together and keep the food in, not spew it onto the counter.

Is it better to replace a part or buy the latest model?

Pros of Replacing

  • Less expensive. Replacing one part is less expensive than buying a whole new unit.
  • Be Green. It’s environmentally friendly to keep a machine up and running as long as possible.
  • Save on shipping and packaging. The shipping and packaging for a replacement part is much less than a new machine.

Cons of ReplacingCuisinart DLC-893

  • Availability and cost of parts. If one thing has broken on an older model, it’s possible it’s just the first of things to go and others parts are on their way to breaking. Also, if you have a really old unit, Cuisinart food processor replacement parts may no longer be available.

Pros of Buying New

  • More fun. Who doesn’t love a bright and shiny brand new toy? Beyond the pretty, a newer model is likely to incorporate the latest safety features and gadget options. If you have a machine that is 10 years old or older, seriously consider this as an option.Blendin SPB-456-2B

Cons of Buying New

  • Cost. Depending on what model you’re looking at, a brand new Cuisinart can cost a chunk of change. You also have to figure out what to do with the old unit. Just chucking it into the garbage isn’t the best option.
  • Newer is not always better. Compare the model you have with the current version. Weigh the cost of a new model against the cost of all the Cuisinart food processor parts that need replacing. You can lengthen the overall life of the machine by occasionally replacing the old Cuisinart food processor blades and discs with new. About the only time a new machine is absolutely necessary is when the motor dies or the machine is so old there are no replacements available.

Amazon makes it easy to order your Cuisinart food processor parts and your Cuisinart food processor attachments. Also, Amazon shipping is super fast and you won’t have to wait long for your part. If you accidentally order the wrong Cuisinart food processor replacement parts, Amazon’s hassle free return policy makes it easy to fix.