What is the Best Stainless Steel Food Processor?

What is the Best Stainless Steel Food Processor?
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A food processor is a must have for every home chef. Food processors are built to help cooks prepare foods quickly with consistent results. Stainless steel food processors may be thought of as the “vegetable chopper” of the kitchen, but they are the perfect option for many kitchen prep chores. Not only do these food processors chop and dice fruits and veggies, the changeable blades have a variety of uses to make any meal prep easier.

The grating blade can be used to thinly slice hard veggies for use in salads or garnish. Shredding blades are used to quickly shred large blocks of cheese. They can also be used to julienne vegetables such as potatoes for making home made hash browns. Additional attachments allow you to puree salsa, mix dough and make home made nut butters such as almond or cashew butter.

Robot Coupe (R 2N Ultra) Combination Vegetable Prep and Vertical Cutter-Mixer$$$4.8
Electrolux-Dito MUGXU-Multi Green Vegetable Cutter SS bowl w/S blade - 601368$$$4.7
Robot Coupe R401 All Metal 4 qt Commercial Food Processor$$$$4.5
Robot Coupe R301 ULTRA Food Processor with 3.5 Qt S/S Bowl$$$4.4
Robot Coupe R401B Food Processor with Mixer / Cutter Bowl$$$4.4
Robot Coupe Blixer 3 Single Speed Food Processor with 3.5 qt. Stainless Steel Bowl$$$4.3
Waring Commercial DFP10 Food Processor Batch Bowl (Bowl only)$4.1

Why Stainless Steel?

Most food processors for personal use have a plastic bowl, which can crack or break, and can stain. Stainless steel provides easy clean up, does not stain, and does not contain BPA or other chemicals that could leach from plastic food processor bowls into the food you are preparing.

While stainless steel food processors are a great choice for food prep in your home, it may seem like only an option for commercial kitchens. In spite of the benefits of using stainless steel for food preparation, most food processors with a stainless steel bowl are designed and marketed to professionals with very few home cooks providing reviews to help us understand these options better.

Due to the high quality construction and use of more expensive materials, stainless steel food processors will likely be on the high end of the average shopper’s budget, however, they may meet your cooking needs the best.

Our Picks for the Best Food Processors with Stainless Steel Bowls

Robot Coupe (R 2N Ultra) – Combination Vegetable Prep and Vertical Cutter-Mixer

  • This Robot Coupe food processor is compact in size while packing a mighty motor to chop, knead, grind, slice or Robot Coupe (R 2N Ultra) - Combination Vegetable Prep and Vertical Cutter-Mixergrate anything you need prepared. While this processor does not offer variable speed, the use of the pulse switch can be used for less strength during processing.
  • Direct drive motor, fan-cooled
  • On-off and pulse switches
  • 3 Qt. stainless steel bowl and see through lid
  • Standard package includes two slicing disks (2mm and 4mm)
  • Easily removable attachments for easy cleaning

Electrolux-Dito MUGXU-Multi Green Vegetable Cutter SS bowl w/S blade – 601368

This option has many qualities that could make it a great addition to your kitchen. This processor comes with aElectrolux-Dito MUGXU-Multi Green Vegetable vegetable prep attachment which helps feed differently shaped vegetables safely.

  • 3.2 quart stainless steel bowl with S blade
  • All pieces that come into contact with food are removable and dishwasher safe
  • Four blade package, including two slicing discs, one grating disc and one shredding disc
  • 1/2 horse power motor

Robot Coupe R401 Combination Food Processor

This option may be the most expensive listed, but could be the best choice for those preparing food in bulk if you Robot Coupe R401 Combination Food Processor by Robot Coupehave your own garden or want prepare your own canned vegetables, sauces and salsas. The see-through lid includes an introduction port to allow you to add ingredients as your processor is running.

  • Includes a continuous feed attachment
  • One slicing disc and one grating disc
  • 4 quart bowl
  • 1.5 horse power fan-cooled motor
  • Pulse switches
  • Veggie prep attachment with two introduction ports
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty

Here are some of the pros and cons of using a food processor with a stainless steel bowl:


Professional chefs as well as those who are making cooking creations for their family at home, swear by stainless steel because of its positive qualities.

  • Strong and Durable. Stainless steel bowls are strong and can withstand heavy use. These do not crack, stain and break the way plastic bowls are known to ware. Use of these more durable bowls allow you to get the job done without worrying about being to rough on the equipment.
  • Dishwasher safe. They move from the processor to the dishwasher to cut down on everyone’s least favorite part of kitchen duty- the clean up! These parts will not rust and remain looking.
  • Keeps food cold. Stainless steel is a good insulator and can help limit the temperature foods being chopped and blended from warming quickly during processing.
  • Does not react to acidic foods. Highly acidic foods such as tomatoes, tomato based sauces, citrus and vinegar can react with certain types of materials causing the food to have a metallic taste, or lose flavor. Stainless steel does not react to acidic foods in this way.
  • Does not leach chemicals into foods. Stainless steel does not react to foods the way that some plastics can.


While many love food processors with stainless steel bowls, there are some drawbacks to this design.

  • High price point. Food processors with stainless steel bowls are currently being made with only for the professional kitchen and chef in mind. The quality, durability and size make the cost
  • Heavy piece of equipment. Some pieces of kitchen equipment are made to be portable, however due to the powerful motors, many food processors with stainless steel bowls are heavy and need to remain in place, often taking up room on a counter top. Kitchens with less space may find it in convenient to move the processor into place each time it is needed.

Overall while the high price point may be a drawback initially, we think the benefits in using a food processor with a stainless steel bowl will help convince you that they are worth the price. If you are looking for an option to prepare the best meals, sauces, dough and salsas, these bowls are strong and durable, will not leach chemicals into the food you prepare.